Have a cup of tea


One day when a meditator came to his room Master Zhaozhou asked,
"Have you arrived here?"
"No, I have not."
The master said, "Have a cup of tea."
Then another meditator came in, the master also asked him,
"Have you arrived here?"
"Yes, I have."
The master said same thing to the second meditator, "Have a cup of tea."
The attendant, who listened to it all, asked Master Zhaozhou.
"Master, one of the meditators said they had arrived, the other one said they had not. Why did you tell them both to Have a cup of tea?"
The master said to his attendant, "You too, have a cup of tea." Whenever people came to ask about the Dharma the master would say, "Have a cup of tea."

Recounted in a Dharma Talk of Korean Zen Master Jinje Seonsa